Formerly known as Eagle Glass Specialties

Europtec USA History Timeline

The EuropTec Group (www.europtec.com) is headquartered in Oftringen, Switzerland and comprised of eight branches specialized in the manufacturing of glass and polymers.

Our mission statement

EuropTec Group is a glass and polymer specialist and acknowledged as an expert in the field of raw materials and various finishing and processing technologies. These technologies are at the core of the EuropTec Group and form part of the value added services chain we personally provide to our clients. In cases where we do not have the existing finishing and processing technology specific to your needs, they are supplemented by upstream and downstream integration.

Our principles

We measure our actions against the principles of truth, partnership promotion and personal motivation. EuropTec is well known as an environmentally-friendly company, whose actions are governed by the premise of ecological and societal sustainability. We make every effort to avoid foreseeable damage in our physical and societal environment. We subscribe to the notion that freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked to one another. Those who utilize their freedom and creative scope to act responsibly and within the confines of their opportunities work in the best interest of their company and community.

Europtec History Timeline