Acid Etch

EuropTec USA, Inc. is the recognized global manufacturer of EagleEtch®, special high quality acid etched anti-glare glass designed and manufactured especially for the electronic display industry.

EagleEtch® is first and foremost not a coating it is manufactured using a subtractive acid etch process; only the surface texture of the glass is changed, leaving the composition unaltered. EagleEtch® anti-glare panels are unmatched for tight gloss control, ultra-high resolution, uniformity of the etched surface, and sparkle control. The etched glass can be further processed exactly as any raw glass substrate with no limitations like coatings.

Unlike coating or spray-on anti-glare solutions, EagleEtch® offers durability in even the harshest environments. Our etching process makes our glass ideal for high resolution applications in adverse conditions which require the best in anti-glare properties, low sparkle, low haze, and improved clarity. Ideal applications include touch screens, industrial and commercial, point of sale, kiosks, military, and outdoor displays.

EagleEtch® glass is available in stock sheet sizes or cut and processed to your own specifications as well as on special glass substrates.

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