EagleEtch® glass was designed from the ground up and manufactured especially for the electronics display industry as a high performance anti-glare glass solution.

EuropTec’s chemical subtractive etching process makes the glass ideal for high resolution applications in adverse conditions which require the best in anti-glare properties: low sparkle, low haze, and ultra-high resolution.

Glare from “glossy” displays can cause undue eyestrain and fatigue. By utilizing an EagleEtch® anti-glare glass panel in your display, reflections are diffused allowing the user to focus on the screen rather than the reflected images. Unlike coating or spray-on solutions, EagleEtch® offers durability in even the harshest environments and can be processed further downstream.


  • Touch Panels
  • Vehicle displays
  • Multi-touch applications
  • Digital signage
  • Equipment displays
  • Military & Avionics
  • ATM’s
  • Kiosks & POS
  • Gaming displays
  • Ruggedized displays

Key Benefits

  • Premium Anti-glare
  • Low sparkle
  • Low haze
  • High clarity
  • Excellent resolution
  • Withstands downstream processing

EagleEtch® General Properties

Standard Product Configurations

EagleEtch® is offered as a double- or single-sided etch solution. Standard thicknesses available are subject to change.