EagleEtch Plus

An even better EagleEtch® is now available for special ultra-high performance display applications where only the best optical performance will do.

We call this glass EagleEtch Plus™. It is our standard EagleEtch® glass combined with an anti-reflective coating giving the glass the lowest possible reflection and superior diffusion. Customers have told us that the combination makes the glass look “invisible.”


  • Vehicle displays
  • Avionics
  • Military
  • Digital Signage
  • TV’s
  • Touchpanels

Key Benefits

  • Lowest reflection
  • Sun readable
  • Excellent resolution
  • Premium Anti-glare
  • Low sparkle
  • Low haze
  • High clarity

EagleEtch Plus™ vs. The Alternatives

The graph below demonstrates the outstanding low reflection performance of our EagleEtch Plus™ product.

EagleEtch Plus™ General Properties

Standard Product Configurations

EagleEtch Plus™ is offered as a double-side etched solution with either a single- or double side anti-reflective sputtered coating. Please reference below after etch glass thicknesses for design purposes. Standard thicknesses are subject to change.