Special Etched Glass for Trackpad Applications

The demand for a smooth feeling, low friction etched glass has lead Europtec to the creation of a special EagleEtch® XS Gloss 10 product version. The glass is specially designed for trackpad applications in ultrabooks, automobiles and special surfaces where touch feeling and sensation is critical.

EagleEtch® XS Gloss 10 is perfect for single and multi-touch solutions. The glass utilizes EuropTec’s subtractive acid etching process to create a durable structured surface that will not wear over time like acrylic or coated solutions and can survive all downstream processing.

EagleEtch® XS Gloss 10 follows in the tradition of EagleEtch® and EagleEtch Plus™, which are top performing anti-glare glass products manufactured especially for the electronic display industry.

Source: Press Release EagleEtch XS Gloss 10

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